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About Us

About Us

“We seek to train body, mind and spirit through the highest level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction. We envision the art as a vehicle for individual development and the strengthening of the family spirit, going beyond the winning-losing or contest philosophy,”~Master Carlos Gracie, Jr.

At Gracie Barra Oviedo we're teaching BJJ at the highest levels in a comfortable relaxed environment. We'd like to welcome you in to our family and help you attain whatever goals you may have wether it's basic self defense, competition Jiu Jitsu, striking/mma or just improving your fitness level and self confidence. We have a more soulful approach to training, a vision quest. Become a member of the Gracie Barra Oviedo #blacksheep family today!

Gracie Barra Oviedo is conveniently located near the border of Orange and Seminole County in Oviedo, Florida. We are located less than a mile away from The University of Central Florida on 3050 Alafaya Trail. Our facilities include a comfortable lobby, uninterrupted wall to wall mat space, full bag rack and changing rooms. Please come visit us for a free class!

The images below represent our professors' direct lineage to the origin of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and subsequently Gracie Barra.



Prof. Todd Broadaway

Todd Broadaway is the Head Instructor of Gracie Barra Oviedo and brings over 20 years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts to the academy. Todd's early martial arts experience was as a shoot fighter and No Hold's Bar ( pre - MMA ) Vale Tudo fighter. It was when he met Marcio Simas and was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that his fighting career took off and a passion was born. Todd finished his pro fight career 10-1-1 and has since achieved several accolades as an MMA and BJJ coach, with several UFC alumni and internationally ranked Jiu Jitsu competitors having learned under his tutelage. He is known for an extremely nuanced, technical teaching style and presenting complex techniques in simple to understand concepts. 


"My goal as a head instructor at Gracie Barra is to enable all who walk through our doors to realize their full potential as a martial artist and human being"

Prof. Steven Silva

Steven Silva is the proud instructor of the adult and childrens programs at Gracie Barra Oviedo. Born into a martial arts family, Steven was involved in various martial arts since 7 years old including Shotokan Karate, Judo, Muay thai, and Western Boxing. It wasn't until being enrolled into his first Jiu Jitsu class with Master Marcio Simas at 11 years old however that he found his most cherished martial art and passion. He went from white to black belt through Gracie Barra , earning a tough reputation as a competitor along the way. He is known for his dynamic children's classes and fluid technical sequences.


" My work as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach is an amazing blessing and I hope to reciprocate by showing the art to as many families as possible"

Prof. Sammy Rider

Sammy began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2008 and has been an active competitor since 2009. She is currently an IBJJF registered Black Belt which she was awarded in 2018. In addition, Sammy is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, holds a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and is continuing her education studying Physical Therapy with and expected graduation date of 2021.

Sammy's relentless attention to detail and her incredible patience and generosity in teaching and sharing her vast knowledge of BJJ accompanied by her always positive attitude are just some of the qualities that make us so proud that she is a part of the Gracie Barra Oviedo family. 


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Gracie Barra Oviedo

3050 Alafaya Trail #1004, Oviedo, FL 32765

Tel: 407-366-0988


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