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Video #1 - Intro to understanding basic BJJ concepts and strategy.

This is an antecedent to the GB1 curriculum.

Video #2 - Intro to Safe Clinch to Mount.

GB1 supplementary training for all weeks. 

This will be the framework that we will use to introduce all other positions.

Video #3 - Intro to Top Guard Position.

GB1 supplementary training for weeks 3,7,11,15.

Video #4 - Keeping Top Mount Position.

GB1 Supplementary training for week 4. Fundamental techniques for keeping the top mount position in a self defense situation.

Video #5 - Top Mount Knee on Belly.

GB1 Supplemental training for week 4. Preventing the escape to regain top mount or to disengage in a self defense situation.

Video #6 - Single Leg Takedown to Side Control.

A variation to video #2 this version of the takedown ends with us in the side mount position.

Video #7 - Introduction to the Side Mount Position

GB1 supplemental training. Understanding the Side Mount position.

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